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Frequently Asked Questions

When do positions begin?

Positions are available on an ongoing basis but March, June, July, September and December are peak times. Most of positions start 1st day of every month and you need to arrive In Korea a week In advance to have time to rest and training. Each month several teaching posts become available. If you have a specific time you would prefer to start work, it is best to begin the process at least three months prior to that date.

How do I apply with Teacher-Tech?

Click here to apply online or send your resume to Teacher Tech via Email

Do I need to have special teaching experiences or other credentials?

Schools do not normally have requirements for either experience or specific credentials beyond the BA or BS.

 Do I need TESOL certificate?

A TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate is not always necessary and there are expensive programs that purposely make candidates feel that they need one. These programs can charge a LOT of money.

If you are interested in a TESOL certification, we can recommend reasonable programs and guide you to find the right program based on your qualifications. And remember, some people don’t even need it. We can help you figure it out.

What is the term of the contract?

Contracts are for one year. Short-term contracts are not normally available.

Can I set up a bank account in Korea, and can I send money back home?

Yes. Your school can usually help you to set up an account. Sending part of your salary home is also possible.  Most banks In Korea can wire money to your home country easily.

Does it matter that I don’t speak Korean? Do most people in Korea speak English? Can I learn Korean while I am there?

It doesn’t matter if you speak Korean or not.

Of course, it makes daily life easier if you know a few phrases. Many people study Korean while living in Korea.

You could take classes to learn formally or many people will be willing to help you with basic Korean in exchange for helping them with basic conversational English.

What is the cost of living in Korea, relative to the U.S./Canada?

The cost of living in Korea is becoming more and more comparable to the cost of living in major cities in North America.

It all depends on lifestyle, and trying to replicate a North American lifestyle in Seoul will be costly. Many things, however, are still cheaper in Korea than in a major U.S. or Canadian city. Public transportation, eating in local restaurants, and entertainment may be much cheaper.

Housing, major appliances, automobiles, and other durable goods are often similarly priced or more expensive. For teachers, however, since housing and major appliances are provided and there is little need for an automobile, It Is very easy to save a substantial part of one’s salary.

What will my classes be like?

You will have classes of eight to fifteen students. The ages will normally range from five to fifteen, with students grouped by age and ability.

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